Our Cooperation Partners

Wir arbeiten sehr eng mit unserer Schwesterfirma Jebens Mensching LLP zusammen, die auf die integrierte rechtliche und steuerliche Beratung von Investoren, Banken und Projektentwicklern in der Immobilienbranche spezialisiert ist. Die enge Anbindung und Zusammenarbeit garantiert ein umfassendes Leistungspaket für unsere Klienten.


Jebens Mensching LLP

Our shareholders, Dr Philipp Jebens and Dr Oliver Mensching, are simultaneously the founding partners of Jebens Mensching LLP, which specialises in integrated legal and tax advice for investors, banks and project developers in the property industry. The close and seamless cooperation with Jebens Mensching LLP guarantees a comprehensive package of services for our clients.

The reputation of Jebens Mensching LLP is particularly based on

  • Knowledge of the property industry and its market players;
  • Personal service and efficient transaction management;
  • Seamless integration of property, corporate and tax law;
  • Developing innovative transaction models;
  • Creating a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere between everyone involved in a transaction

You will find further information about Jebens Mensching here:  www.jebensmensching.com

mensching plus Audit

Alongside classic audits of annual and consolidated financial statements, we offer the following services at mensching plus Audit:

  • Financial due diligence;
  • Outsourced internal audit / auditing risk management systems;
  • Valuations as per the German Investment Act (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch,  KAGB);
  • Drawing up restructuring expert opinions (Sanierungsgutachten);
  • Company valuations


mensching plus S.à r.l.

mensching plus S.à r.l. is our 100% subsidiary in Luxembourg.

In line with our focus on the property industry, mensching plus S.à r.l. understands itself to be a service provider for property investors that use Luxembourg as a location for holding companies. Our Expert-Comtables specialise in ongoing financial bookkeeping and in drawing up annual and consolidated financial statements for companies based Luxembourg that invest directly or indirectly in properties and comparable asset classes.

Because all the companies in the mensching plus Group work on the same IT platform, we can ensure that the evaluation packages required, for example, for the purposes of German or Luxembourg tax or commercial law, draw on a standard data basis and are seamlessly dovetailed with each other. This avoids the loss of time and information between Luxembourg and Germany that frequently occurs elsewhere.